Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lake Eppalock -

Explorer16 Association members enjoyed time together at Lake Eppalock over the "Christmas in July" Weekend.  The sun shone through a near cloudless sky and although the temperature was cold, members took to the water for some winter sailing. Unfortunately there was little breeze and the planned race never eventuated, but the chance to be on the waters of Lake Eppalock in Winter, kept everyone smiling.

Well, almost everyone....  leaving the bung plug out when launching can happen to even the most experienced sailor.

Frank.S ( the keenest sailor of them all)

At 06:30am, when most members were still warm and asleep, Frank was on his way to launch his boat taking Ray with him. The windscreen of his car had frozen and so had his boat, but this did not stop Frank who launched but was unable to step the mast as the sheet of ice on the deck had made it too dangerous.

Footsteps on ice


Winter on Lake Eppalock