Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Explorer 16 Association

Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 Explorer 16 State Championship - Waranga Basin VIC.

The Explorer 16 Association State Championships were held at Waranga Basin on the Australia Day Weekend January 28-29th. This year the Explorer fleet were joined by the Hartley TS16's who also held their State Championship at Waranga.

Our thanks go out to the Waranga Boat Club and its members who hosted this years championship.

1st Place: "DELTA"          Skipper: Michael Short     Crew: Ron Short
2nd Place: "SWALLOW"  Skipper: Sue Burke           Crew: Jude 
3rd Place: "EMILY"         Skipper: Frank Strickland  Crew: Alison Strickland & Phil Carr

1st Place: "EDNA MAY"  Skipper: Michael Lambiris  Crew: Jonathan Gwinner
2nd Place: "OMEGA"      Skipper: John Parkes           Crew: Ingrid Rooke

Skippers awaiting Race Briefing

Edna May (127)  , Emily (111) and  Delta (21)
Goose winged in the very light air
"Edna May" being closely followed by "Emily"

TS16's and Explorers racing together made for an enjoyable Championship
John Parkes (Illawarra Yacht Club NSW) and his boat "Omega" took out 2nd Place on Handicap 

Ralph & Jack, once very competitive Explorer sailors, were happy to sit this one out!
1st & 2nd Place Championship winners - "Delta" and "Swallow"
The last race was abandoned due to lack of wind and extreme heat, the only way home for these TS16's was under tow from a versatile Explorer 16!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2016 MTYC Four Points Race - Yachting Victoria Traveller Series

3 Explorer 16's make it home in a challenging race.

The weather conditions on Saturday 30th April made it a very challenging race for 3 Explorer 16's that successfully completed the race and were placed 2nd ( Fiz IV), 3rd (Old Salt) and 4th (Edna-May) in Division 4 of the 2016 MTYC Four Points Race.

Northerly winds between 15-25 knots with gusts to 30-35 took its toll on the 48 boats in the mixed fleet. A capsize, a broken mast and equipment failures on some of the larger fleet saw only 36 boats make it to the finish line. The 3 little Explorer 16's stood up well in the conditions and were well placed in their Division.

Edna May - 2016 MTYC Four Points Race ( 4th in Division 4)

Edna May - 2016 MTYC Four Points Race

Old Salt - 2016 MTYC Four Points Race ( 3rd in Division 4)

Old Salt - 2016 MTYC Four Points Race


Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016 Explorer 16 State Championship RESULTS

Explorer 16's at the Williamstown Sailing Club Jetty preparing to race.
 Our 2016 State Championships were held on the waters of Hobsons Bay, Port Phillip hosted by the Williamstown Sailing Club and sailed over 2-days SAT23 & SUN24 January.
Both days gave us good air to sail, SAT arrived with southerly winds between 10-15 knts for our first 2 heats in the afternoon. SUN had lighter southerly air in the morning at 8-10 knts for heat 3 and the southerly increased to 10-15 knts for heats 4 & 5 in the afternoon to finish off the series.

1st Place: "DELTA"  Michael & Ron Short.
2nd Place: "SWALLOW" Sue Burke & Russell Bates.
3rd Place: "SALLY" Jonathon Wilson & Peter Mart.

1st Place: "KALANG"  George Giuliani & Charles Lee (SAT) / Peter Doris (SUN).
2nd Place: "OLD SALT" Ray Clinch & Max Hopkins.

Of special note was the results for one of our newest members, Jonathan Wilson, who together with Peter Mart, showed that his new boat "SALLY" could match it with the best of them! 

Jonathan & Peter setting up "SALLY"
Matt & Crew setting up "PIED PIPER"
WSC Explorer 16 Day Sailer joined us for the first race.
The jetty was full of Explorer 16's.
Clouds started to build on the horizon prior to racing.
Sailing out to the Start Line.
Clouds rolling over the City Skyline

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Explorer 16 ( FizIV ) cruising on holidays in the Whitsunday's

Peter & Gigi have returned after taking their Explorer 16 ( FizIV ) from Melbourne to Airlie Beach to cruise the Whitsunday Islands.  Their trip is a testament that owning a trailable boat, which is light to tow, safe and comfortable for cruising, makes an Explorer 16 an ideal boat to own and enjoy.

FizIV moored off Chance Bay QLD

FizIV berthed at Hamilton Island

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How your Explorer 16 is constructed.......

Looking at your Explorer16, it’s not easy to see how it was put together to determine what's under the floor if you ever need to trace a water leak. These photos, taken back in the 80's at Botterill’s yard during the assembly of a “new one” show some of the secrets.
The first one is that there are really only THREE “BITS” that fit together to form the hull, cabin, tanks, lockers, bunks, floors etc.


Looks sleek, doesn’t it?  Could almost be an 18-footer stripped down! With just the familiar clinker lines on the mould, the outer hull is pretty floppy at this stage.


With the second or inner mould in place, things start to take shape. This inner mould sets up the bunks, lockers, cabin floor, cockpit tanks (which will end up supporting the cockpit floor), and part of the bulkhead. The blobs in the cockpit floor are leftovers from foaming the buoyancy tanks. Note the last moulding in the background.


Lowering the third and last moulding. This one provides the cockpit floor and seats (and storage under), coaming, bulkhead, and cabin roof.
Add the gunwales and the forward hatch cover, and you’re nearly there. Note that a lot of the fittings are already in place before the separate moulds are put together.

Now that you know a bit more about the construction of your Explorer 16, we invite you to join the Explorer 16 Association to enjoy the company, friendship and experience of maintaining, cruising and/or racing your Explorer.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Explorer 16 - Winner of MTYC Four Points Race - Division 4

The Explorer 16 Association Inc. was well represented in the MTYC Four Points Race held on Saturday 02 May 2015 on Port Phillip Bay.

We had 4 association member boats compete in the race with "Swallow", skippered by Sue Burke and expertly coached and crewed by Russell Bates, taking out first place in Division 4. in Elap time of 3:12:24s.


"Meander", (Peter Mart & crew Ray Clinch), came in 25:25s behind Swallow but only 45 seconds ahead of "Emily" (Frank Strickland & crew Max Hopkins) after a closely fought battle over the 14 NM course which ended in a dueling battle at the finish line.
"Edna May" (Michael Lambiris & crew Tracy Ham) put in a good performance especially considering that Michael has just recently moved from sailing a Brolga to an Explorer 16 and is still in the process of race tuning his newly acquired boat..

The Explorer 16 Association congratulates the members that entered the race and is proud that Sue has taken a " Botterill Explorer 16" into first place in Division 4 of the MTYC Race which was the last race of the YV Victorian Trailable Yacht Travellers Series.

Michael and his crew Tracy preparing "Edna May"